Electric Car Hire London - Tesla Chauffeur Service

Green Electric cars with zero emission

Luxury doesn’t come more splendid than our amazing electric car hire in London. We have introduced a Green Class of all-electric vehicles in our fleet. Experience the exceptional class luxury, safety, and comfort for yourself when you hire a chauffeur-driven Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S class from GT Executive Cars. The beautiful exterior is enough to draw attention from every corner and the comfortable interior is second to none. GT Executive Cars provide a luxurious Tesla chauffeur service in London. Book today!

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Redefining the Chauffeur Ride With Tesla Electric Car Hire in London

Looking for electric car hire in London for a chauffeured ride? To initiate eco-friendly chauffeuring, we have combined first-class service, with cutting edge technology, using our Tesla electric vehicles. Our experienced, disciplined and professional chauffeurs are committed to delivering the highest quality of service, whilst your dedicated account manager will ensure even the smallest detail of your reservation is covered with any last-minute changes or additional requests taken into action. GT Executive Cars offers a superior chauffeur service in London with the future generation cars.

Why Choose Our Green Class Electric Car Hire in London For Chauffeur Service – Benefits

Do you know the major source of air pollutants causing global warming are greenhouse gases? And researches show the maximum percentage of these greenhouse gases and air pollutants are emitted from petrol or diesel cars. Electric car hire in London are a better option for the environment as they emit very few amounts of greenhouse gases and zero carbon dioxide thus contributing to making the cities greener improving the air quality. The noise levels are also lower particularly in smooth terrain/urban areas. Apart from this, green class electric car hire are energy efficient. At low speeds, these vehicles show the greatest energy savings. With this, electric cars seem to be on the verge of making a revolution and are the future generation car offering remarkable benefits, especially in the urban areas.

Tesla Electric Chauffeur Driven Cars For Executives

The Tesla electric cars has been designed as one of the safest, most secure and luxurious cars on the road. Its unique engineering offers unparalleled traction control, autopilot mode, medical-grade air filtration, adaptive lighting for improved night vision and much more makes it the perfect electric cars for executives and for those for whom safety is the prime concern.

Are you ready to help our planet by choosing an electric car hire in London? Book any of our green class vehicles for chauffeur service. Our green class fleet comprises the new Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S car. Thanks to these energy-efficient cars, that the future generation will experience an even greener place to live in as electric vehicles could contribute to a considerable reduction in greenhouse gases.